Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rouvanjit Suicide – An Analysis

It’s sad and horrifying to see a life wiped away before it attained maturity. Rouvanjit today is no more.

But since the time of his death what started is nothing but a blame game – blame on the Principal and the school and a game to try and prove him guilty.

If a kid is unruly and mischievous and his tantrums disturb the class often the teacher is bound to punish him keeping in mind the decree and decorum of the class and most importantly shaping up his character that will lead him to become a better person later on in life.

It might have been wrong for the Principal to cane him, but many will feel that the caning is justified since the child was given repeated warning and he failed to rectify himself which left the Principal with no other choices.

Again, just because he was beaten or caned does not mean that he was depressed and had to take that drastic step. This shows that the child was pampered at house. At the same time he felt that his concerns could not be addressed by anyone near and dear to him; thus showing that he was lonely.

I too studied from a Christian Missionary school and time and again I or my friends were caned. But we never had such thoughts in mind at such tender age. We never thought of committing suicide.

Thinking hard, I feel that the family is to be blamed rather than the Principal and the school since Rouvanjit was exposed to the worldly pleasures of life including alcohol and his parents, it seems never ever tried to educate him of a few harsh realities that life offered at such ages.

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