Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friendship – Something Ideal OR Mere Politics In Humanity

Friend and Friendship – two words with the word ‘friend’ in both; the latter being a word to describe ship in which both ‘friends’ can travel together.

Friend is a very ideal word and friendship an ideal concept. Think about it for some time and then relate it to your life. You will find that friend and friendship is not as ideal as it is shown to be.

Reality is always a bit dark and friend and friendship is no exception.

If friendship means being together always, ask yourself that if you are a professional how many friends from your college days you have kept contact with. If you are a College student ask yourself how many friends from your school days you are in tough with and the answer will give you an insight in why I am telling so. You may argue that it’s because life is fast and there’s no time. I will ask you if there is no time and you need somebody then won’t you approach him/her for help.

It’s not ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ but it’s ‘a person in need is a friend indeed’

It’s a sort of human politics to keep what he needs and discard what he does not need.

There are several incidents from each one of our life which will show that friendship is not something serious, but a mere tool for time pass.

Aman Ki Asha – Let’s Be Friends and Let Peace Be Crowned

As The Times Group of India and The Jang Group from Pakistan are trying to restore peace among the two most hostile nations in the subcontinent, support has poured from all quarters ranging from musicians to poets and most importantly the citizens of both countries. This wonderful initiative has proved so far that though politicians are politicians and they will never change, the people of both countries are very much eager to forget the past and march on to the future with pillars of peace and friendship and with feelings of brotherhood that existed before the politicians played spoilsport.

Though much remains to be done in this regard, I personally believe that most in India and Pakistan feel the same bond for each other. The initiatives are golden and thus so far have produced golden results.

But this initiative won’t work out if the Governments of both countries don’t talk peace. The recently held peace talks are of no use since they are busy trying to enforce his own idea on the other, and this way even after 100 years we will remain where we do today. Though one can’t disagree the amount of politics involved in every word they say, the amount of thoughts spent on America whenever they utter a sentence; it’s high time they do the same with the word countrymen and neighbours replacing America and politics.

On the part of The Times Group and The Jang Group, they need to carry on what they are doing and time will give out better results. One suggestion to them – if they can involve both the Governments then success will come sooner than expected.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rouvanjit Suicide – An Analysis

It’s sad and horrifying to see a life wiped away before it attained maturity. Rouvanjit today is no more.

But since the time of his death what started is nothing but a blame game – blame on the Principal and the school and a game to try and prove him guilty.

If a kid is unruly and mischievous and his tantrums disturb the class often the teacher is bound to punish him keeping in mind the decree and decorum of the class and most importantly shaping up his character that will lead him to become a better person later on in life.

It might have been wrong for the Principal to cane him, but many will feel that the caning is justified since the child was given repeated warning and he failed to rectify himself which left the Principal with no other choices.

Again, just because he was beaten or caned does not mean that he was depressed and had to take that drastic step. This shows that the child was pampered at house. At the same time he felt that his concerns could not be addressed by anyone near and dear to him; thus showing that he was lonely.

I too studied from a Christian Missionary school and time and again I or my friends were caned. But we never had such thoughts in mind at such tender age. We never thought of committing suicide.

Thinking hard, I feel that the family is to be blamed rather than the Principal and the school since Rouvanjit was exposed to the worldly pleasures of life including alcohol and his parents, it seems never ever tried to educate him of a few harsh realities that life offered at such ages.


As the World rejoices in Football Fever in South Africa, a nation that has always been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons like AIDS and poverty, Indians everywhere have one question lurking in their mind – that is, when we will get a chance to see India playing with the likes of Messi, Torres, Beckham, etc.
The question of ‘when’ will be answered only when we can give a proper explanation to ‘why India isn’t there’. Let us look into the football scenario in India and where football is actually placed by the sports administrators.
It’s not that football is an unacknowledged game in India. It is the next most acknowledged game here after Cricket. Though the rest of the games like Chess, Hockey, Badminton, and Tennis that rank behind football have provided players in the World class level and many-a-time we have seen India shining at the World stage, football remains the only game that has eluded India.
Schools and Colleges have Football tournaments but most of the time we find students participating actively and that too bare-foot; the same reason why India could not participate in the Football World Cup in the year 1952. Though at times an endeavour is made to make shoes compulsory, it felt on deaf ears. We are more accustomed to play when we have no sports gear and fail to match the same level when sports kit is made available to us.
Another and one of the biggest reasons why a 1.2 billion population is not being represented in the World’s most awaited and celebrated sports event is that the IFA lacks vision and mission. Indian football fraternity lacks a clear vision and mission. They are satisfied with the 130+ ranking that India has. They are satisfied to realise that under their guidance major football tournaments at the National Level are being accomplished and they are getting enough media reports.
‘India playing at the World Cup Football Tournament’ - such a vision is absent. The vision has to be there and then will the mission start. Without such a vision that mission stands as aborted.
Now and again almost daily we see that 95% of media coverage regarding the game is about the imported foreign players joining clubs or swapping clubs. Media is not at fault for that is the scenario in the Football Clubs. Millions are wasted on them without anybody thinking that these players won’t represent India at the International level. Then why make such a fuss of them. IFA should know that if India is to play at the World Level these foreign players are of no use. If it’s India who is to play then it should be Indians playing at National level Tourneys. Foreign players are talented no doubt, but that does not serve India and Indian football in the long run.
If you want India to excel at the International Level, then ask the IFA bosses to
1. Develop a vision and mission for the year 2022
2. Reducing the participation of Off-shore players gradually to NIL.
3. Develop proper infrastructure which includes better fields and stadiums
4. Try and get deals to play football with Major football clubs like ManU, Chelsea, etc