Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friendship – Something Ideal OR Mere Politics In Humanity

Friend and Friendship – two words with the word ‘friend’ in both; the latter being a word to describe ship in which both ‘friends’ can travel together.

Friend is a very ideal word and friendship an ideal concept. Think about it for some time and then relate it to your life. You will find that friend and friendship is not as ideal as it is shown to be.

Reality is always a bit dark and friend and friendship is no exception.

If friendship means being together always, ask yourself that if you are a professional how many friends from your college days you have kept contact with. If you are a College student ask yourself how many friends from your school days you are in tough with and the answer will give you an insight in why I am telling so. You may argue that it’s because life is fast and there’s no time. I will ask you if there is no time and you need somebody then won’t you approach him/her for help.

It’s not ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ but it’s ‘a person in need is a friend indeed’

It’s a sort of human politics to keep what he needs and discard what he does not need.

There are several incidents from each one of our life which will show that friendship is not something serious, but a mere tool for time pass.

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  1. yes its a real.. in current time there is nothing like friendship in maximum case everyone jst using each-other