Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aman Ki Asha – Let’s Be Friends and Let Peace Be Crowned

As The Times Group of India and The Jang Group from Pakistan are trying to restore peace among the two most hostile nations in the subcontinent, support has poured from all quarters ranging from musicians to poets and most importantly the citizens of both countries. This wonderful initiative has proved so far that though politicians are politicians and they will never change, the people of both countries are very much eager to forget the past and march on to the future with pillars of peace and friendship and with feelings of brotherhood that existed before the politicians played spoilsport.

Though much remains to be done in this regard, I personally believe that most in India and Pakistan feel the same bond for each other. The initiatives are golden and thus so far have produced golden results.

But this initiative won’t work out if the Governments of both countries don’t talk peace. The recently held peace talks are of no use since they are busy trying to enforce his own idea on the other, and this way even after 100 years we will remain where we do today. Though one can’t disagree the amount of politics involved in every word they say, the amount of thoughts spent on America whenever they utter a sentence; it’s high time they do the same with the word countrymen and neighbours replacing America and politics.

On the part of The Times Group and The Jang Group, they need to carry on what they are doing and time will give out better results. One suggestion to them – if they can involve both the Governments then success will come sooner than expected.

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