Sunday, September 6, 2015

Double Chilli Chicken ( Teekha Chicken) Recipe

Once Thursday comes to a close, I generally start thinking on what to do on Friday night. If there are friends to tag along, I preferably go to a restaurant. But this week was different. With no one available it was time to think of cooking something for my Friday dinner.

I switched to YouTube and then stopped at what read as “Double Chilli Chicken”. The chef was Sanjay Thummu or Vahchef.

The beauty of this dish lies in two things. But before counting the two let me tell you that this dish has nothing to do with the Indo-Chinese recipe that we generally know about. Ok now, firstly – a lot of red chillies go into it, which means the dish is hot! Secondly, this is one recipe that uses just two spices. So here it goes!!!


Chicken – 400 grams with bones
Onion – 1 big chopped
Dried red chillies – 8 pcs
Dried chilli seeds – 1 tbsp
Oil – 2 tbsp
Red chilli powder – 3 tsp
Coriander powder – 1 tsp
Salt – to taste
Lemon – 1 tsp


  1. Wash and pat dry the chicken.
  2. In a pan, put in the oil
  3. Once hot, put the dried chilli seeds and dried red chillies and cook for some time
  4. Once the red chillies start getting burnt and changes color, put in the onion
  5. Put salt to taste
  6. When the onion starts changing color, put red chilli powder and coriander powder
  7. Immediately pour in the chicken
  8. Reduce the heat and cover the pan
  9. Let it cook for 20 minutes with occasional stirring
  10. If you wish to have gravy, pour in some water and let it simmer for 5 minutes
  11.  Apply a dash of lemon
  12. Serve hot with rice or roti

This dish is best enjoyed when it is dry. However, if you wish to have gravy you can always do it. Do try out this super hot dish!!!

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