Saturday, September 14, 2013

Standing up For Women in India

The recent judgement of the Delhi court in connection with the December 16, 2012 gang rape case has sent a wave of happiness throughout the country. And why not? The manner in which the crime was committed and the whole of Delhi descended on the streets demanding death for the criminals of this heinous crime – it was nothing sort of victory for the Indian society that is sandwiched between the political class and corrupt bureaucrats. However, while the major section of the society wants death, there is a section that feels that strict punishment is necessary and death is not the option.

Now let me question the media since we the Indians are more influenced by it. Why is the media more concerned with rape cases in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai? Why not with the ghastly crimes committed in towns and villages? Is it something to do with TRPs? Why did the Indian society not rise and stand up for the victim in Kamduni in West Bengal? Why not against honour killings in Haryana and UP?

More important however, will a death penalty help in curbing crime against women? No, never. Let us get at the very root of this problem. Most rape cases throw up the fact that perpetrators of such crime have a background where education does not carry its value. In most household, the husband would beat up her wife in front of their little kids when she refuses to part away with her hard earned money to fulfil his crave for a pouch of liquor. The little kid will grow up having little respect for women.

In many families, the parents-in-law and husband would maltreat the newly wedded woman for the greed of more dowry. Come on, what are we up to? We treat women unfairly at our home and society and expect them to be treated fairly and be safe in the unknown world...

Remember the adage – charity begins at home! Even today in many middle class household the boy child is given new things to play with while the girl child gets the older things. So what does the boy learn as he grows up? Equality among the genders is another important factor here. Do we treat girls equal to the boys at home? If no, it’s high time to realize that we ensure that the girl’s safety lies in how we treat them in front of the boys.

If our repeated posts on Facebook or Twitter expressing grief and horror on such incidents are real to even some extent, shall we dare to protest against the wife being harassed by her husband adjacent to our home? Or shall we just turn a blind eye justifying our act since it was their personal matter?

Concluding this short post, I would like see an India where justice is delivered to victims of rape cases in a short span of pre-determined time interval and special courts be established for the same. Let us, the so called educated society of India, be a bit brave and not a mere coward playing into the hands of evil force.

Last but not the least; let us be the winds of change in how we look at a woman. Let each one of us pledge that while we are around nobody should dare to stare upon the dignity of women around us.


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