Sunday, September 9, 2012

Infosys Mysore Training Experience – Day Zero

Disclaimer : The views expressed in this article are solely that of mine. Infosys or its subsidiaries are in no way a part of the views expressed here.

Can I ever forget the day? 18th December, 2011.

With two huge bags, one held in hand and another on my shoulders...reached the gates just before nine in the morning. There were not many trainees, so didn’t face any inconvenience and stepped into the campus. Yes, the place that is known as a five-star jail. My eyes glittered as it saw the campus.
After bag checks and joining formalities, we were taken to our respective rooms. Block 84, Room – 004 (do let me know if you have checked in this very room) .In spite of repeated attempts, the door wouldn’t unlock. The security saw and approached me. He made me realize that I was trying to unlock the wrong room.

In the ecstasy of the moment, I used my key to unlock the door of Room – 014. I was a bit embarrassed. He smiled, as if it was normal! The next half an hour was spent in discovering the room. Neat and clean room, neatly arranged bed, air conditioners; wait wait wait, I can’t describe it. Just one word – fabulous!!!

The rest of the day was spent in discovering the campus. I had only one expression on that day – wow! I got confused with the roads leading to and from my block. And this confusion continued for a week...

I retired to bed early since the next morning would be my first official day at Infosys.

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  1. i just wanted to know if i am selected for the training in infosys at mysore, is there any chance of rejection by the authority even after allocated the stream ?