Friday, July 22, 2011

Bribe – The Indian Way to Do Things Faster

For my pre-joining requisites, I submitted my passport application form along with the correct and valid documents in the Kolkata RPO. As expected, the form was sent to the DIB Office within a week maintaining the norms. I always knew about the corrupt officials waiting there for me.

Whatever be it, I went there and waited for my enquiry. I was provided with a IPP number and I was guided to a man in the next room.
He looked at me, enquired about my details and asked me to sit down. He briefed me about the various documents that I was required to show him, though I had already submitted them along with my application form.

2 days later:

My dad had already instructed me to keep some close to thousand bucks so that I can make the corrupt official more corrupt and I agreed to it.
I reached there. He asked me for my IP number and this is the conversation that followed :

Man : Did your file reach us ?
Me: is my IP number, you may also check the register.
He checked it and opened the large trunk and after 10 minutes of searching, he found it
Man: Hmmm!!! (in a very low voice)So did you bring the kharcha-pani ?
Me: (just to shock him a bit and in a relatively loud voice) how much should I pay you?
Man: Say slow, you wanna kill me?
Me: Ok
Man: Come here
I followed him out of the room (the room consisted of men and a woman who were equally corrupt)and he led me to a corner where there was nobody
Me: Hoe much?
Man: How much can you give me?
Me: 300 bucks
Man: I have to pass your form across three 300 bucks wont do...
Me: Ok 500 bucks
Man: What will happen with 500?
Me: Last quote....600...I don’t have more
Man: Ok...that will do
I handed him over the money. He didn’t count it, just put it in his pocket.
Me: When shall I have my work done?
Man: I will do my part in 2-3 days, and then you come and ask in the despatch dept.
Me: Okay, but since you have taken up my case, I will enquire you
Man: But, its not entirely in my hands.

I came back home, satisfied and guilty of having making a corrupt official more corrupt. First time, I had bribed someone and I didn’t like it.

Even though I had the original documents with me and necessary proofs, why do I need to shell out the money?

Why is it, that the general public (which includes me) don’t say anything to such malpractices?

Is it because they are used to all such malice?

Or, is it they don’t have the guts to stand up and face corruption, fearing their files may gather dust?

There are so many questions that I suppose no one can answer
And then, we just blame the Government for not taking actions on black money, etc. If we can’t, we don’t have the right to blame anybody...


  1. I say abolish paper money.. and all plastic money can eliminate this to a gr8 extent...

  2. @anonymous ... sure that can be a way but no where in the world can u find plastic there will be environmental degradation...for u can burn money when it becomes invalid but not plastic without affecting the environment...moreover processing cost will increase if plastic money is introduced...