Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bidding Goodbye - Farewell 2011

Date: 11th May, 2011
Time: 12:15 pm
Place: Auditorium, DRIEMS
Purpose: Farewell 2011-05-14
Dress Code : Jeans, Formal Shirt and Red Tie

We just entered the auditorium and we were given a grand traditional welcome with flowers and tika by Subhashree and Tejaswini. We took our our seats and almost immediately, there were snaps here and there. We ran from our seats to pose for the last of the snaps here and there and hugged and greeted our friends for one of the last times.

The program started with a welcome speech by Anisha. Janhavi and Dibyalok took the program till the end from there on. There was the ramp show, rapid fire round and paper dance that made those last moments really wonderful. The conceptualisation was great and hosting the show was fabulously done by those 10-15 guys and gals who overcame all difficulties to bid us good-bye.

The lunch was great. The chicken biriyani was the best that I ever had in Odissa.
The DJ was rocking and it was then that gals started sobbing and finally tears rolled down their cheeks. There was music, there was weird dances and there were sobbing, crying and emotional hugging everywhere on the stage. It was the last time when the entire branch was together and there were apologies for past fights. There was so much emotion in the air, posing for snaps continued amid this crying and hugging and describing the moment is very tough.
Even after the DJ got over, we didn’t stop. It was as if it was the very last time before we take the train back home.

A big thank you to Divyalok and group, Janhavi, Anisha, Tashi, Subhasree and others who made the last moment so wonderful and ever-cherishing. Miss you all so much.


  1. thanks a lot...but trust us all was for u alll

  2. hi would be great if i could know your name...