Friday, January 21, 2011

Infoscion – Dream Achieved, Mission Accomplished

Well, the D-Day is gone and the greatest thing is that my Dream Company has shown enough interest in me while recruiting me.

As the final results got declared, celebrations started amongst the achievers, the new Infosysions – but I checked the list again and again to confirm what I heard. Yes, I was through. Neither did I cry nor did I raise my arms to show my excitement. I took out the two mobiles from my pocket, dialled my mom from one and dad from another and gave them the good news. My mom confirmed and re-confirmed from me what I told them. My dad, seemed unperturbed (even when I could hear his colleagues excited and congratulating him for the success), congratulated me and asked me keep on attending interviews!!!!!

I next called my grand-ma (from mother’s side) and when after receiving my call she did recognise me she was elated with joy. I could hear her crying and there was nothing I could tell to make her stop but “don’t cry, I am coming”.
Next, the HR Head from Infosys called us in the Conference Hall, showered us with the tag “INFOSYSIONS” and asked us to improve on our communications.
Posing for photographs was next on the cards. The Achievers of the Day did it with fun and gaiety with V-signs.

With Maa Meera Alfassa’s blessings I am an Infosysion. A big thank you to my school Don Bosco School, Bandel for it was the name Don Bosco that impressed the HR and Rev. Fr. V.T. Jose for they have brought changes to me that made me a better person. Thanks to Sushanta Parida, my senior, and Mr. Subhrakanta Panda, my teacher in college who kept on encouraging me to go for activities outside regular studies.
Last, but the most important of all, thanks to my parents, my sister, my grand ma for their non-conditional support, and their encouragement. But, no thanks, because a mere thank you would demean them. So, I take it back.


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