Monday, January 10, 2011

Gangulyless KKR, Gangulyless IPL-IV

The auctions are over. As always, iconic players have been bought and sold as if some sort of business was underway to create teams of ‘Flesh Trade’. But, controversies are part of Indian life and IPL-IV is no exception. Ganguly and Lara unsold. Though Lara’s case didn’t raise eyebrows, nation-wide debate continues over Dada’s going ‘unsold’.
While Kolkatans and most Ganguly fans cry foul and burnt effigies of SRK on streets, there rises a question as whether all this is because – it is going to be a Gangulyless KKR or Gangulyless IPL-IV.
The swords are out for SRK. Reasons are quite a few. Ganguly was the best player from KKR’s side and was the 3rd highest run-getter in IPL-III. He’s the most lovable boy from Kolkata to which KKR belongs.
But why did the other franchises (Kochi, Sahara) turn him down too when they had lot of finance left in needed experience? Why did the names of Laxman, Dravid, Uthappa, and a few others attract the franchise owners more when they were nowhere close to Ganguly’s performance in the previous edition of IPL? Was it because Ganguly didn’t play a single International Match in the previous year? Or was it because he didn’t get along with foreign coaches at times? Was it because he had a larger base price? Or was it because he wanted to do things the way he thought would give better results? Or was he a victim to a conspiracy that wanted his era to end completely?
The questions keep coming and going and answers that contradict one-another.
But somehow down the line people feel that he should have been given a better farewell from the world of cricket. All this is bound to make Ganguly a laughing stock.
KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan’s comment (to quote “No IPL team possible in Kolkata without Dada”) after the auctions added fuel to the fiery anger of the people back in Bengal.
All this said and done, it’s quite clear now that we may not see our beloved Dada in action, but his career will always inspire those who choose cricket as career.
Salaam Dada !!!

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