Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Nettech Experience – Tough, yet Fulfilling

Enrolling myself for the Network Management Summer Training, I knew that it won’t be an easy one after going through the students feedback and the blog maintained by the Nettech team. Expectations were high as always as the wait finally ended and classes began.

One of the most challenging times of my life and also the most fulfilling one as I realised how tough professionalism is. I realised that it was easy to learn the subject but tough to implement the subject unless proper discipline was maintained. Learning the concepts is somewhat easier. Doing it on time and performing in groups rather than working alone is the mantra here.

The results showed that people who individually underperformed in individualistic tests came out in the top 10 because they maintained a good team effort and put on a harder labour and discipline while working in teams.

Daily T10 tests that required completing a 10 marks paper (theory and lab both) were rather challenging and tested an individual’s awareness, discipline, accuracy and time consciousness. The timer that constantly ticked off towards the zeroth second increased the palpitation of the heart and raced the mind towards the most possible solution, only later to realise that there was a slight mistake in what we did;most of the time this was the case. On realising that most of us had failed was fun but later afterwards when I thought about the same, it was real pain.

I must confess that one particular day when I had failed and secured zero in all the 4 tests I almost broke down. It was very painful to realise that I was not getting where I wanted to be.

The Project Day was an enriching experience with the whole team of 5 with a name (in my case it was Mars 2 and team members consisted of me, Sourajyoti, Bappi, Anushka and Sandeep) and working simultaneously on 4 servers to host a website for a company and providing it necessary management permissions.

The Re-test Day was a day of high tension. It was like the last chance since only those failing to secure 50% were being given the last chance, it comprised of about 80% of the students. In the first round most of us failed as unexpected. Every time we thought that we were correct, there was Swapan Sir and Bagheswar Sir, ready to prove us as wrong and label us as ‘failed and zero’. The bamboos rocked us off all the confidence we had earlier. The last round we had easy questions and almost all got themselves correct but I feel that like me almost everybody were thinking hard about the probability that they would get their soultions wrong. THANK GOD I WAS CORRECT. Seemed that all the lost ground was mine. I heaved a sigh of relief, stretched my arms and thanked God as I left the Lab with a hurried sense of ‘enough of disasters,no more staying here’.

The Summer Training signed off with a DJ-cum-Food party at the I-Lounge at Hiland Park.

The last day, 31st July when I finally got my Successful Certificate in my hand I realized something. I dont know how much of the subject I have learnt but more than the subject what I learnt was how to manage myself and my resources, how to maintain deadlines, what I lack and what I need to inculcate in myself for the future. What Perfection is all about I had heard before, till I joined Nettech where I was taught what it meant and its importance. I should also add that the Successful Completion Certificate has further inspired me to further study about Netowrking Mangament.

These 15 days will be clearly etched in my mind and heart forever for these were the days where I learnt life’s most important protocols. Thanks to the Swapan Sir, Bagheswar Sir, Neha Ma’m, Sunayana Ma’m and my my mates Sourajyoti, Bappi, Anushka, Sandeep, Abhishek, Sourav, Kunal, Arnabi for making it memorable.

The purpose of Nettech is served. It’s the Nettech team that deserve all the accolades, for it has achieved what it had set out to do.



  1. please give me sme examples of t-10 questions?

  2. hi out those t10 questions wont help u out since they are all of different varieties...i suggest u take the classes seriously and then practise....